Membership Policies for

Listing Features

  • Complete business contact information, company logo, banners, products and services with pictures for every listing (varies with different levels of membership
  • Listings are sorted according to the membership type and alphabetically
  • Includes email messaging system which allows any visitor to send an inquiry to any paid registered business or tell his friend about a listing online without any email software, company's email is hidden (anti SPAM feature)
  • Supports ratings (anonymous voting system)
  • Supports pre-moderated reviews, visitors can leave their reviews for any listing in the directory. All reviews have to be approved by admin before they appear in the public directory
  • Featured Listings (paid listings shown in the random order)

Products & Services

  • Supports 3 types of offers: offers to sell, offers to buy and services
  • User may define the expiration period in days for the every product or service


  • Pay via Paypal
  • When a business is registered it gets a free listing, as a user you can upgrade to get more features
  • Support for logo, banner uploading, description field, address, post code, phone, fax, mobile phone, contact name, email link, website link, product picture uploading and thumbnail generation for every (paid) membership
  • Email notification to inform the user about future expiration and ask to renew the membership

User interface

  • Includes fast and user-friendly online business registration
  • Includes login and password reminder by email
  • As an existing user you can change your record completely, including current categories, contact information and password
  • Users can upload logo image and banners for listings
  • Users can upgrade basic listings to advanced or premium listings at any time
  • You can edit products and services and upload pictures with automatic thumbnail generation for every item


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  • Honey-Do Handyman 2912 Sunnyside Dr
    Manhattan, KS 66502
    Home Repair and Remodeling, General Contractor, (6418 Hits since 03-13-2008 04:26PM)

  • Appliance Doctors 8845 Quail Lane#3
    Manhattan, KS 66502
    Experts in Home Appliance Repair (4171 Hits since 03-28-2008 06:07AM)

  • The Paint Bucket 618 Ft. Riley Blvd
    Manhattan, KS 66502
    Providing you with all your residential and (3989 Hits since 03-14-2008 02:05PM)

  • HDH Radon 2912 Sunnyside Dr
    Manhattan, KS 66502
    HDH Radon - Helping Defend Homes against Radon.... (3888 Hits since 03-05-2008 04:54AM)

  • Mead Lumber 111 S. Seth Childs
    Manhattan, KS 66502
    If it's worth doing - Do-It Best with Mead Lumber ! (3647 Hits since 03-17-2008 05:45PM)